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The following examples show that one needs to be careful in using the negative number to identify the date. As an aid to dating the images valentine postcard dating the Valentine company, a small booklet. As an postcare to dating the images by the Valentine company, datinng small booklet. Valentine postcard dating Playle’s: Find a large selection of sizes, shapes, and paper types for your postcard needs. However, Jean-Paul Viauld has been investigating the date of a Valentine’s postcard of a Montreal streetcar, and has discovered more details. Type in your Valentine postcard’s serial number here: Most Real Photo Postcards, abbreviated RPPC, have information on valentine postcard dating backs to help in identifying the manufacturer of the photographic paper that was used by the postcard publisher. British Postcards Most Valentine cards certainly most published from onwards have numbers on the front valentine postcard dating the cards, sometimes in very small print.

Genealogy research: Dating vintage photographs by clothing & hairstyles

Printed mount notations such as photographer’s identification and title are fairly reliable, but can still provide false information. Dating by mount type and style provides a rough indicator for identifying images. The caveat is that many photographers, particularly in more remote areas, failed to keep up to photographic fashion and used old mounts until their stocks were exhausted.

Also, photographers reprinted historically or commercially important images long after they were originally taken. Also negatives were often sold or copied and the mount information may not accurately reflect the history of the images. Flanders views of Prescott taken in the Spring of appear on Williscraft mounts in the late s and Continent mounts into the mid s Notations on the mounts can occasionally provide additional information about the image, but should always be verified by other sources before being relied on.

Oct 23,  · The postcard app to send real photo postcards and printed paper greeting cards with the MyPostcard app – worldwide, from any place to anywhere/5(K).

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Vintage Postcards from the Early 1900s

Antique Halloween Postcards Condition One of the first things an appraiser or collector will notice about your postcard is its condition. Cards in fine shape, with no discoloration, foxing, tears, or other damage fetch the highest prices. Some cards had flocking, glitter or gilding, and those sections of the card need to have as much of the original material as possible.

Real Photo Postcards KwikGuide has 6 ratings and 1 review. Frederic said: Like the others in this series, this is a useful guide, well illustrated, with /5(1).

The value of old postcards is dependent on a number of factors, including their condition, rarity, age, and subject matter. Factors Affecting Value Similar to other types of vintage and antique collectibles, postcard values are based on a specific set of criteria that affect the value of antique and vintage postcards.

The following are the most important. Condition One of the first things an appraiser or collector will notice about your postcard is its condition. Cards in fine shape, with no discoloration, foxing, tears, or other damage fetch the highest prices. Some cards had flocking, glitter or gilding, and those sections of the card need to have as much of the original material as possible.

A card which looks perfect could be a reproduction, so be careful when buying. Damaged cards bring less money or can make the card nearly worthless. Posted in , the postcard’s value lay in its significant age, as well as the fact that it was among the earliest cards printed and mailed. Pioneer postcards, which were printed before July 1, in the U. The cards were used as advertising pieces which is still done today , and often carried information about a shop or a sale.

They had writing on only one side, since U.

Greetings from the Past: Identifying and dating timeless postcards

They are actual photographs on photopaper, but designed to be mailed and have letters written on the back. Popular in the early to mid s, real photo postcards picture a wide variety of subjects and were used for a variety of purposes. Most were the equivalent of family photographs intended to be given to relatives and friends or to be put in the family album. These will show standard family poses, including little Jimmy in his school uniform, the family picnicking, a wedding photo.

Some real photo postcards were used for advertising or sold to the public at stores.

A board for our Save the date postcards! Postcard sized Save the Dates perfect for announcing your wedding. | See more ideas about Postcard size, Save the date postcards and Dating.

Japan’s Postal Service was first established in March Japan’s first postcards, pictured above, were issued in December , a few years after the first postcards were issued in Europe. Click to read more. In , a revision of the postal act allowed private-sector non-governmental postcards to be made and used. Picture postcards then became very popular and gave rise to a new postcard culture and a new era in postal history. The postcards featured a great variety of subjects: Scenics, women, geisha, war, disaster scenes especially earthquakes , Japanese customs, the Emperor, buildings, animals, etc.

Color printing had not been invented yet so hand-painted postcards became very popular up to around the s when offset printing gradually replaced collotype printing. In June , the postal service issued its first commemorative picture postcard. It marked the 25th anniversary of Japan’s membership in the International Postal Union.

The postal service later issued more commemorative postcards and stamps for other important events and imprinted commemorative postmarks on letters and postcards for the occasion. Especially popular were postcards commemorating triumphs in the Russo-Japanese War during and the enthronement of Emperor Taisho. During the war with Russia, people lined up all night in front of post offices before new war-related commemorative postcards went on sale.

Postcard exchange meetings were held and many collectors had tens of thousands of postcards.

Inexpensive Cartes de visite

They were printed on photographic paper and not regular paper: Hundreds of different stamp box styles on the reverse side of old postcards helps to further date them; see more information regarding dating vintage postcards. View many examples of vintage real photo postcards. As an example, this is an early s real-photo postcard of an American Indian chief. Native Americana, or American Indians, is a popular postcard collecting category.

DATING CARD MOUNTED PHOTOGRAPHS © [email protected] – HOME – Comments Card mounted photographs from the 19th and early 20th century, such as cartes-de-visites, cabinet cards and stereographs can be generally dated by their format and mount type.

Post cards, as we know them, came into being in Prior to that time, there were trade cards and postal cards, which usually carried advertising or printed messages. Trade cards became popular with the enterprising merchants who distributed them in the s. With the advent of the camera, which was developed in the mid s, and later the post card, history would be forever immortalized in print.

Graphics common on the back of a Postal Card from Beautiful illustrations of scenes at the Fair were printed on government-printed postal cards and on privately printed souvenir cards. Lines were printed for the message or correspondence. Private Mailing Cards were authorized on May 19, The back was for the address only.

Real photo postcard

Other countries followed in the years afterwards. Dating Early Picture Postcards. The Divided back – Inland Postage only. For the British Isles only this space as well as the back may be used for correspondence.

JIM MEHRER’S POSTCARD REFERENCE LITERATURE. Below is a list of postcard reference literature that we currently have available. With these references, collectors and dealers can identify and evaluate thousands of different postcards.

Early history of postcards[ edit ] The claimed first printed picture postcard. Austrian postcard from Cards with messages had been sporadically created and posted by individuals since the beginning of postal services. The earliest known picture postcard was a hand-painted design on card, posted in Fulham in London by the writer Theodore Hook to himself in , and bearing a penny black stamp. Charlton of Philadelphia , who patented a postal card, and sold the rights to Hymen Lipman , whose postcards, complete with a decorated border, were labeled “Lipman’s postal card”.

These cards had no images. In Britain , postcards without images were issued by the Post Office in , and were printed with a stamp as part of the design, which was included in the price of purchase. These cards came in two sizes. Conlie was a training camp for soldiers in the Franco-Prussian war. The cards had a lithographed design printed on them containing emblematic images of piles of armaments on either side of a scroll topped by the arms of the Duchy of Brittany and the inscription “War of Souvenir of the National Defence.

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Capturing the 19th Century in Photographs: British Library Publishing, Gernsheim, Alison. Victorian and Edwardian Fashion: Phillimore, Jones, Gillian. Lancashire Professional Photographers

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They were designed and printed on the backs to be mailed, often having handwritten letters, addresses and postage stamps on the back. Real photo postcards with baseball subjects are popularly collected by vintage baseball card and memorabilia collectors, and prime examples of famous players and teams can fetch big bucks at auction. Vintage real photo postcards, including of non-sport subjects, is a major collecting area all around the world. The factory made real photo postcard photopaper that happened to be a convenient size for such purposes.

These family photos and snapshots will show standard family poses, including little Jimmy in his school uniform, the family picnicking or a wedding reception. Many vintage real photo postcards are family photos Some real photo postcards were used for advertising or sold to the public at stores and are equivalent to trading cards— and, thus, actively collected by trading card collectors. Many of these show celebrities such as movie stars, sports stars and politicians.

Some famous sports photographers sold real photo postcards.

Photochrome (1939-Present)

Catherine” post card with writing on back, small ink smear on back. Unnumbered post card, blue stock, small corner crease, corner crease, scrape at back corner, toning on back. Similar to above right but with a few more tiny spots of color on back.

Postcards, sometimes spelled out in two words as “post cards,” emerged during the late 19th century as national postal systems began to standardize and improve their delivery methods.

Postcard Traders Association Stamps on Postcards – a guide to dating cards We hope you find this guide useful but it should be used with caution, stamps in circulation could and can! Stamps illustrated are the common issues for the relevant ‘postcard rate’ of the period. Multiples of lower value stamps were often used, as were stamps higher than the required amount. Prior to this date – pre-printed plain cards were in use which are commonly referred to as ‘Postal Stationery’ The size of cards varied throughout this period.

Other countries followed in the years afterwards. The divided back allowed for one side of the card to be used for both the address and a message seperated by a central line. The other side could be a complete picture or photograph Prior to this undivided back cards were in use which allowed for address only on one side and a brief greeting on the picture side. It is of course possible to find undivided back cards used after and divided back cards used with older pre stamps – Edward VII Stamps for King Edwards reign were issued on 1st January They were replaced in

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Real Photo HBC was going to persue this subject in greater detail. It is, however, a very complicated subject and to our delight we found that someone has already done a great deal of work on this topic. Real Photo has a very detailed compilation of postcard stamp boxes. This is an excellent source rhat can be used to help.

Rotophot’s postcards were marketed and sold worldwide. Many of the series, especially those issued during the holidays, were released bearing a text greeting. Multiple languages are represented by the greetings, proving the popularity and distribution of the cards.

The postcard above shows a couple of men standing at the door of ‘The White Horse’, whilst the ‘rag and bone man takes some time out to rest, along with his trusted companion. Fast forwarding half a decade, the postcard below shows ‘Middle Street’ in the late fiftee’s. On closer inspection, reveals a couple sitting in the back of their van, taking a break outside the now, “Lucky Duck” tea room I created this page to illustrate just how much detail can be found, by observing the detail within the postcards cards, you can often find hidden gems – The postcard below uncovered a couple of details that I had initially missed: The scene is looking from ‘St.

James Church’ towards the Square. The top zoom, shows a man peering over the top of the motor car but also shows people going around in their daily life as the bottom highlight shows a mother, leaving the shop with her pram and a lady walking away away around the corner down ‘Lower Street’. Shere – stepping back in time Above: Having traced “Oak Lea” in the census, conducted a year later from the postcard, it appears that the house was sadly ‘uninhabited’. It may be that the family moved on Does anyone know the possible location of “Oaklea”?

If, so please drop me a line. Here is a guide for dating postcards: Francis Frith postcards reached the following serial numbers: Judges postcards reached the following serial numbers as follows:

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